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Become a Sirius Business Solutions Consultant and support our team assisting Australia's top companies to achieve greater efficiency by implementing organisational structures, methods, systems, and procedures.

Cultural Statement

We are one team. We lead the way. We strive for excellence. We collaborate. We keep our word. We keep it simple and keep going. We hear and are heard. We are fun. We are team first. And we question actions inconsistent with our values. Through this, we will be number 1.


Great companies grow from exceptional talent.

In this rapidly changing environment, having the best people can make or break a business. At Sirius we hire based on attitude and potential, our success stems from the training and development programs offered to our account managers. Training involves understanding how to create the ultimate customer experience for the end user, hence our ability to provide superior business solutions. 


The purpose of Sirius Business Solutions Charity Committee is to give back to the community, and raise awareness and funds for the causes we are passionate about. We believe in supporting ALL people's success, including those less fortunate.

Giving back to the community has played a huge role in who we are as a company. For many of our consultants, the main draw of working in recruitment is helping people every day. To us, we’re not just finding a job for an individual or filling a role for a client - we’re supporting people’s success. This dedication extends beyond our offices.

Every year, we participate and donate to a number of charitable organisations in Australia. We also encourage our team to let us know about any causes they’re passionate about.

Our Siriusly Charitable Team sent around a survey to our consultants to see what charitable causes they were most passionate about. This year, Sirius Business Solutions will primarily participate and donate to charities with a focus on mental health, homelessness and vulnerable children, the environment, domestic violence and cancer.

Here are some of the causes we've supported recently:

  • Western Health Emergency Response Fund

  • Seaforth FC Sponsorship

  • Australian Red Cross

  • Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

  • Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

  • Wollongong Ride 

  • OzChild

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Employee Testimonials

'High performing culture with an incredible mix of experience and diversity'

Former Sirius Manager- Sydney

'Sirius is one of the best  companies I have ever worked for. They have such an amazing culture, the teams are so collaborative and the general mood in the office is always positive. Company benefits are great, there is always recognition and they listen to any changes we want to make. Adapting to ever changing times, with flexibility - still operating well as a business.'

Current Sirius Consultant-Sydney

'All the leadership team are really passionate, lead from the front and are client-facing. They really drive positive values and the culture and everyone who works there is passionate about what they do. There are no big egos and everyone contributes. The training for rookies is fantastic as well as the leadership program and other workshops.'

Sirius Employee- Melbourne 

Become a Sirius Account Manager

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A career at Sirius is a great opportunity to advance both professionally & personally and to work with some of Australia's top companies. 

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